5 Things to Think About – Before You Start a Blog

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5 Things to Think About Before You Start a Blog

If creating a blog is something you’ve been thinking about but you really haven’t a clue where to start, then these are some basics you could keep in mind to ensure you create a blog that your readers will like. A blog that you won’t get sick of in 5 – 8 months’ time and abandon which does happen quite a bit but that it is something you can  and are happy to build and be content with.

  1. What Niche?

There’s no reason why you can’t just start it out as a personal blog and write about all sorts of things until you know what your niche is or what market you want to target. There’s also no reason why you can’t move from a certain topic to something completely different it is entirely up to you what you want to talk about. The thing to remeber is that it is OK to keep your options open if you’re not sure.If you change your mind a year or 2 into blogging and wanted to go in a different direction, you won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last either.

  1. The technical bits.
  • Domain: What is the name, it can be simple such as “yourname.com” or whatever you like and you can search the availability on Namecheap or Godaddy. Once you have you name then you need,
  • Hosting: Who you are you using, there are many various platforms such as Hostgator, D9 hosting or JVZoo hosting.This is so that your site is searchable and visible on the internet.
  • Platform: What is the wordpress platform that you will use, now if you go the Domain and hosting option then the only option is Wordpress.org  but if you skip these you can just straight to WordPress.com and set up your blog here.
  • Design: What theme are you going to use, stick with the default theme or search a free theme or could go for a paid premium theme.

To find out the all about the above points why not check out my product for blogging basics. You can check it out here and it will guide you through the basics from beginning to adding good quality content.

  1. Branding!

If you haven’t already decided what the blog name will be or about then now is the time to do so. Take into account basic tips to help you decide:

  • Is the name easy to remember? (Important not have a complicated name)
  • Does it roll off the tongue?
  • Is it related to your niche or opened that it can be changed if needs be if you decide to change?
  1. Where’s your audience?

A blog isn’t really a blog without readers , you need people to visit your site and interact with it for your blog to be successful. Now this will depend i suppose on your niche or not so much if you just blog about various topics. But it can be useful to plot out who you are going to target just to get an idea or what you like to talk about etc.

  1. What am I doing this for?

This is a major one to figure “Knowing your why“, or understanding what is motivating you to write your blog. The earlier you can figure this out, the better! Why have you started a blog? What is the purpose? Where do you want it to take you?

Deep dive and really see if you can come up with the actual/main reason you’re started a blog and started to write. Knowing your why can then impact how you intend to create your content and how you will and intend to engage with your readers and then deciding what that content is about.

So that’s it for now, catch you all later.




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