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Hey Guys,

So today I want to talk about blogging consistently.

Even if you have very little time, you can blog consistently. Here’s how:

1: Blogging Frequency

I suggest blogging between once/twice a month and maybe once a week: but decide on the frequency that suits you best and do your best to stick with it.

If you haven’t been posting for a while, delay starting back until you’ve built up a little stock of posts by doing this it will give a bit of breathing space to create new content.

2: Use a Content Calendar

By using a content calendar you know where you are with what content that you want to post.

Week 1 – New Blog post

Week 4 – New post or link to previous good posts

3: Have a Consistent Post Template

By having a consistent blog template then all you have to do over time is follow the format. I am trying to get my own Post template sorted and I have rested on the steps below which I think are the most important you can use it if you like:

  • The title and headers are enticing
  • Content
    • Lead Paragraph. If you take too long on the intro, you will lose You have to get into the premise of the post and make it relevant to your readers. After the title, this is the second most important component of your post.
  • Powerful action words
  • Structure
  • Paragraphs are short.
  • Imagery
  • A strong call to action is included at the end.
  • Social Sharing

4: Recycle Old Posts

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, then you’ll have a lot of posts that your new readers won’t easily spot as they will be lost in the maze of content. Even if these are listed in your archives/categories, they won’t necessarily be seen.

One very easy way to post regular content especially if you are very busy and have a lot of content that is, is to revive an old post. Simply choose one from your archives and I would probably I’d suggest going back at least a year so that there would be time between the two posts, and repost it. Just put a link saying that it was posted a year ago or updated.

5: Batch Together Your Blogging Tasks

You could set aside some time and so some of the tasks together for example:

  • Set aside maybe 15-20 minutes and brainstorm and come up with as many ideas as you can, I would suggest about 10.
  • Next set aside another maybe 20 minutes. Pick the four best ideas.
  • Spend about 5-10 minutes briefly planning each one.
  • Draft an Introduction.
  • Sketch out several key points that all relate closely to your idea.
  • Draft a Conclusion.
  • Sit down later and Write out the full post.
  • Get a working Draft and then rewriting it to make it better.
  • Then Format and schedule to post.

So there you have some actionable step to blog consistently.

See you next time.


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