Create a To Do List

Hey Guys,

So today is a bit of a short post but I think that it is very important to be able to collate the tasks that you need to do every day instead of sitting at your desk trying to think what to do next.

What am I talking about?

You need a To Do List:

Now you may be asking yourself;  Why a do list?

I have asked myself this before but one of the key advantages of having a To do list is that an effective to do list will help you work productively.

It may seem to be a simple idea and you may be thinking that I don’t need one as I know all the tasks that I need to get done, and while this may be the case, a To List will prioritise the most important task you need to get done and in people busy lives you may forget about something that you need to do until suddenly you remember it at the last moment and panic mode sets in.

I remember a mentor that I had before used to say you need to Plan Tomorrow Today. Now think about that for a second. You basically plan tomorrow’s task that you want to do the night before and that way when you start work in the morning you have your list of task that you need to get done that day which should improve productivity tremendously.

So you could plan the week before kind of like a weekly master list of what you need to do that week.

And from here you will create your to do list for Monday but remember you do this the day before and on Monday evening before you finish work you plan tomorrows task.

You can have as many tasks on the list as you want but you should have maybe the three most important tasks first and then other less important ones after that never overload your list just prioritise.

So remember:  Plan Tomorrow, Today

See you next time.


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