Hey Guys. Its Sean McCormac back to you again.

Okay what is am going to talk to you about today is all the distractions that people let in to their lives and the excuses
1. Not enough time
2. Not enough money
3. Everything is too technical
4. Not willing to invest in success

People waste their lives watching hours and hours of TV, box sets and on social media. Look I have been guilty of watching some series but I have tried to cut it all out and focus on business and just enjoy live and live life to the fullest and not waste it away watching something meaningless.

It may seem like a rant and if it does I don’t apologise because someone needs to say and it just annoys me people complaining and the they spend hours watching football, playing games on their phone checking status update or whatever they are doing instead of investing in their life and being the best that they can be. What it can be likened to is Sheeple. They just follow what society tells them and are obedient but that’s not me and it should be you neither break out nor live life because we only get this once. Think about it that’s all I ask. If you want to be part of the masses or sheeple then go right ahead but don’t complain then that life sucks and that you hate your job or you’re not successful because in reality you really don’t want to change you just think you do, so please stop complaining. Nobody owes you anything you have to work for it.
Catch you next time.
Sean McCormac

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