The First two below are my products and the others are some that I own myself, so check them out and see for yourself if you think they will add value to your life.



Recommended Products

I will recommend some products here because I have bought some of these myself but you may seen products that you would like to purchase. I have purchased products off all three people below so I know that the products are good.

Rob J Temple:

I have bought products off of Rob before and they are top notch also I am in his InfoPreneur Blueprint coaching program because you need a mentor to succeed. So some of his products are:

  1. Affiliate Marketers Little Blackbook,
  2. Multi Profit Niches.

Grant Cardone:

I have bought quite a few books by Grant Cardone, both Kindle versions and actual hardbacks.

The 3 that I would recommend are:

  1. The 10X Planner,
  2. Sell or be Sold,
  3. Sell to survive.

Strategic Coach:

From Dan Sullivan I have bought 2 books that were recommended to me. They may be helpful to you to.

  1. The 80% Approach,
  2. Learning How To Avoid The Gap.


You don’t have to buy any of the books that I have recommended I am just letting you know what I have bought myself over the years. I am looking at adding a few other books but I only buy books that will add value to my life. So as you can see I don’t own a lot of books, a few ebooks but nothing of entertainment.

I don’t buy fiction books or other non fiction books only books that will educate me, but each to their own.

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