Sources For Traffic

Setting up a website is easy. Getting found and having people over to your site is the real challenge. There are numerous sources for traffic and each one bring with it a unique profile.

1. Searches

Searches bring in a more immediate user. Someone who is looking for a certain term needs a solution to his problem instantly and if that problem is to search for information then you must be in a position to provide that information to him. If he is looking to buy something, your best bet is to still give him the information first so that he can differentiate your value add to what others may be offering.

When a person heads for the search box, he is looking of some information that is important him at that exact time. If he sees a home on his way back from work that is vacant and he wants to find out more, he is going to search for that on his mobile device. If he is watching a movie trailer and sees something he likes, he’s going to search for information about that movie. The first and foremost impetus for the web is to get information. The second, and then only after, is commerce. So always use the web to empower your customer with information. Even if they do not buy from you now, they will thank you for it and in their mind you become an authority on the subject.

Being an authority on the subject is what gets you ranked higher and higher in the search engine results page. Google, especially, uses complex algorithms to quantify this authority and awards points for authority and then those points determine the location on the search engine.

2. Snipers

Snipers are an interesting strategy. depending on who you talk to, some will say that its not particularly ethical. But that is a matter of opinion. It my opinion it is a matter of market segmentation. Snipers are merely sites that aggregate traffic then channel them to the money site. Imagine it to be like a staging area where you accumulate traffic then from them corral them over to the site that is actually selling something. Let’s look at an example where the money site is selling a smartphone. This is the site where there is a bunch of information and a page where people can make their purchase. But surrounding this site are three snipper sites. One snipper site is about smartphone reviews. It reviews a bunch of smartphones but obviously championing one in particular. Another snipper site is an entire website that deals with smartphones and social media it has apps to give a way and a lot of other goodies. All its efforts are then directed at the money site. The third snipper site sells smartphone parts for rundown smartphones. It also has some material about the new smartphone and directs its visitors to the money site.

So now you have one money site and three snippers. The snipper site adds really value to people looking for reviews. Then they gravitate towards the money site. The same go for the other two sites. Each of the snipper sites are rank well in their own keyword space and this allows to bring in more traffic than just looking to search for the particular smartphone.

3. Click Ads

Click ads are also a pretty straight forward way to get traffic. There is no extra work to build snipper sites or optimize for search engines. It just involves creating a advertisement banners and placing those with Google. Now you will also be able to choose some keywords for those advertisement as well as some demographic choices. So for instance if you were selling Pizza in Brooklyn. The you would go onto Google and you would purchase ad space for anyone who connected from the Brooklyn area and you could advertise based on time of day or you could advertise based on what they searched for. If you sold pizzas you could choose to advertise at lunch time and dinner time. This way those advertisements will only appear at those times for people around the Brooklyn area. This is an amazing feature as you only pay for those who click on the advertisement, your impact rate is quite high and conversion is also pretty good.

4. Campaigns

The traffic you anticipate will visit your site could be the result of one of the above, a combination, or all of the above as part of a campaign. You could use snippers to direct traffic to your site and supplement that with click ads and optimize all the sites for search engines and look for multiple keywords to be able to snare as many people into your campaign as possible.

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