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Hey guys so today’s post is about written content or good content. So lets get into it.

You could outsource the content creation or you can do it yourself, it all depends on your circumstances and what you are comfortable in doing.

What is Good Content?

Ultimately defining what “good content” is is very subjective, I guess it is a similar way to defining what is a good movie or a good book. Not only will bloggers have a different view on what is “good content” but also the readers will have their own view as to what they think is good content or not.

An element of writing quality content:

Usefulness and Uniqueness:

For a blog to be successful your content needs to be useful to your audience/readers. While you will probably start as a blogger who blogs out of your own passions, experiences and knowledge, but it is essential that you are aware and think of your reader and that you create content that will add something to their lives. Give them something “useful”.

So what is ‘useful’ content?

Useful content can mean different things to different people so it can be hard to exactly quantify it, but could be any of the following:

  • Entertainment: People are going to them for gossip, laughs and for fun conversations and interactions.
  • Education: Some blog readers are primarily interested in learning something about a given topic and the blog is tailored towards that.
  • Information: Many successful blogs are built on the need that some have to be informed on an issue, product or topic.
  • News/Developments: Many blog readers just want to be kept up to date in an area.

Research your Readership/Audience

Research your audience or potential readership. If you already have a blog you can do this by surveying your current readers by having a blog post on doing  a survey and having different options to choose from and them provide the winning topic. But if you don’t have a blog already then you’ll need to work a little harder to research your potential readers, you can do this by visiting forums and reading articles on the niche that you are focused on.

Unique Content

Another thing to consider when thinking about good content is whether it is “unique”. With blogs being created very quickly nowadays and on nearly any subject that you can think of, the challenge is to build a blog that stands out from the crowd so that it is unique to your potential readers.

Distinguish yourself

Look through other blogs and websites in your niche and do some quick analysis, this doesn’t have to be deep analysis, just figure out what sort of content that they are producing. In most cases they are presenting very similar information in pretty much the same way such as tone and style. As a new blogger on the topic you can either try the same approach or try to do it better but this can be difficult as they will already have casual readers and subscribed readers and unless you’re brilliant at it you’re unlikely to get those readers OR you can distinguish yourself in someway from what others are doing.This means taking a slightly different approach or topic such as a sub-niche but could also mean writing in a distinct voice. It might also mean writing in a different genre of posts such as:

  1. Instructional
  2. Reviews
  3. Lists
  4. Informational

While this list is not exhaustive just to give you an idea of the different genre of posts that you can choose from.

If you combine both useful and unique content and you will be one step closer to a successful blog.

So that’s it from me today, catch you all later.




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